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From day one, our blog MyPlash has been delivering relevant, clear and updated content to our loyal group of readers because of the teamwork and the collaborative effort that goes down behind the scenes.

Our goal is to always make MyPlash feel like a community. A team of people working together towards the same objective. And we want our visitors to be a part of that team as well.

That is why we are calling you to contribute to our content at MyPlash. How can you do it? There are three main ways. We will go through each of them.

Write for us

Are you an online gambling enthusiast? Are you always on the hunt for the deposit and withdrawal methods with the best bonuses? Are you familiar with MasterCard? Do you love to write? Are you someone who is always looking for something new to learn about?

If you answered affirmatively to all of the questions, then we urge you to contact us immediately! But luckily, you just need to have answered yes to one of the five questions to have the chance of becoming a part of our writing team.

We want you to help us deliver the content that readers like yourself are expecting from MyPlash. Head over to our contact page and express your wish of writing for us. You can do it full-time or part-time. Your schedule can be perfectly adjusted to all of your other responsibilities. 

After receiving your message, we will contact you to exchange more information and send you a quick test. Soon enough, you may be directly impacting the lives of those looking for the best online casinos in the US to use MasterCard.

Send suggestions

This blog is made for you. The MasterCard client and gambling enthusiast. So, it is only natural that it should also be made by you.

What is something that you would love having us write about? Is there a particular question you would like to see clarified? You can even send in specific titles for future posts. Don’t hesitate in telling us what you want on MyPlash.

Review our articles

We want to make sure that we keep on delivering articles guided by our top standards. When you feel like something is not exactly what you wanted to read, tell us about it.

What are the things you definitely think we should maintain? What is something that has the potential to be grand if it is improved? Write to us, send suggestions or review our articles. What matters is that you contribute!