Simple Fees

$1.95 Monthly for monthly loads totalling $500 or more $3.95 Monthly for monthly loads totalling less than $500

Avoidable Fees

Inactive Card Account $1.95 per card Avoidable by making a card transaction at least once every 90 days - load, purchase, or withdrawal.
ATM Withdrawal $1.50 per transaction Avoidable by getting cash back from your normal in-store purchases.
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.75 per transaction Avoidable by checking your balance online or activating email/ text alerts saving the last alert between purchases.
Retail or Credit/Debit Card Load/Reload $2.95 per instance Avoidable by using a bank transfer or setting up a direct deposit.
Printed/Mailed Statement $2.00 per statement Avoidable by simply not requesting a hardcopy statement and downloading your statement online.
Check Refund $5.95 per instance Avoidable by linking your bank account and transferring your balance to your bank account for only $0.50.

Remember, when you help us eliminate unnecessary transaction costs, you also help yourself save money.


Special Service Fees

Bank Transfer $0.50 per transaction  
Bill Pay $0.50 per transaction  
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $3.95 per card  

International Fees

POS or Online Purchase 2%* per transaction  
POS Purchase w/Cash Back 2%* per transaction  
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.75 per transaction  
ATM Withdrawal $2.50 per transaction  

*The International POS Purchase, Online Purchase, or POS/Online Purchase with Cash Back fee is 2% of the total amount.